Hospitality Reports

High Speed Internet Access for Hotels (US) - Market Study

Released in Q3 2012

This report presents the latest market developments in the US hotel industry with respect to HSIA and its usage. It aims to provide relevant insights on key trends, current capabilities and the shifting dynamics within the technology industry for hotels as well as the wider hospitality industry. Through this report, our goal is to provide an in-depth understanding of the size of the hotel industry, and more critically the impact HSIA and the HSIA "take rate" (percentage of guests that use HSIA when it's available) have on this industry, despite the impending threat from cellular networks and Distributed Antenna Systems. Already this year, industry experts suggest a fairly healthy HSIA take rate for full service hotels across the US: 30% to 35% for paid HSIA and 40% to 45% for free HSIA.


Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) - Advancing Interactive In-Room Entertainment (IRE) Systems in the North American Hospitality Industry

Released in Q1 2013

This report presents the latest IPTV trends in the US Hotel Industry. It assesses the impact of IPTV systems on a hotel's revenue and gauges its viability in the near future. The report showcases how hotel/hotel chains deploy IPTV systems on their properties and the facilities they offer via IPTV. Alternatively, the report also explores barriers that prevent hotels from deploying IPTV systems, despite its many benefits.


Who owns the Guest mobile application(s)?

Expected release date Q2 2013

Bring your own Device - Strategies, Trends, Opportunities and Challenges for Hotels

Expected release date Q2 2013

The Impact of Social Media and Digital Marketing on Hospitality

Expected release date Q3 2013

Cloud Computing in Hospitality - Impact on ROI and Brand

Expected release date Q3 2013

Convergence of POS systems in Hotels

Expected release date Q4 2013

How can hotels monetize using cloud based Digital Signage?

Expected release Q4 2013

Other Reports

Industry Benchmarks - Airline, Travel and Hospitality

Expected release date Q3 2013

Mobile Commerce - Market Size, Trends and Expectations - 2013 to 2017

Expected release date Q3 2013

This report presents the latest trends in mobile commerce, its growth over the next five years, and showcases key products / verticals (retail, advertising, travel and hospitality, app downloads and in-game payments, in-store contactless transactions, etc) that will drive mobile spending. It reviews current mobile commerce shopping platforms and assesses integration concerns and challenges between these platforms, banks and payment gateways.



IPTV - Advancing Interactive IRE Systems in the North American Hospitality Industry



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