Data Enrichment

Bad data ruins your marketing and sales database and results in underperforming outreach campaigns and low conversions.

Fill in missing data points and increase match-rate? InfoAnalytica uses its proprietary tools & technology along with human researchers and data analysts; to provide high quality data with increased match-rate.

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High Quality - Data

  • Validated & Enriched
  • Unified Data-points
  • Accurate Lead & Scoring
  • Filtered & Qualified
  • Tele-verified Contacts
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InfoAnalytica's High Quality B2B database

with 45M+ Company records and 85M+ contact records, powered by machine learning and human auditing, provides the highest quality data enrichment with maximum penetration for increased match-rate.
  1. Enrich Company firmographics, hierarchy, Contact information, and additional third-party data points for co-relation.
  2. Increase your database match-rate and penetration using our proprietary technology and managed services.
  3. Add net-new contacts with relevant titles for existing accounts.
  4. Add replacement contact where contact/title has left the company.
  5. Track your champion customers. Identify contacts that have left the company, and track where they are now.
  6. Freemail email mapping to corporate account information.

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