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Discover, Identify signals + Intent, and Engage with existing or net-new leads at scale, all at one place.

Real-time verified data for more than 25 million Technology professionals worldwide, using our proprietary technology-built database along with tele-validation of 12 million contacts every year.

Key Data points provided for Technology companies include:

  • Company Firmographic Data
  • Company Technographic Data
  • Contact Data
  • Intent Data
  • Qualitative Data

Intent based Content Syndication

Content syndication is an effective way to generate high quality in-market leads using your content like white papers, on-demand videos, webinars, podcasts, case studies, etc. by making these assets available to targeted buyers interested in learning about your specific product, using your brand name or as an industry report.

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High Quality - Leads

High Quality - Leads
  • Intent + in-market lead
  • Meets customer ICP
  • Opt-in consent obtained
  • GDPR compliant
Ready Reckoner
High Quality - Leads

Find intent based Tech/IT buyers using tele-outreach ABM Content Syndication approach

Account Definition - Combination of net-new accounts based on your criteria & your target audience (ABM)
Contact Identification - Decision maker with matching persona and verified phone number for SDR outreach
Intent + Consent - Identify intent by identifying signal directly from prospect and obtain opt-in consent exclusively for your campaign
Content Delivery - Content sent directly to the prospect from your branded campaigns and your website landing pages/marketing automation tools
Performance - Fine-tune the Qualification Criteria based on data analysis to improve conversion with each campaign

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