5 Tips to Increase Your Cold Email Open Rates

March 2, 2022

Are you struggling with your cold email open rates? Well, the chances of having low open rates are quite high. It happens to be so because cold emails, like cold calls, are frequently dealt with dismissal and shrug.

The three major reasons behind that are:

  1. It’s the most difficult form of communication.
  2. You don’t have a relationship with your audience.
  3. The audience hasn’t shown their interest in your product, and you can’t get feedback in real-time, as a result, you can’t change your strategy. Therefore, getting cold emails recognised and read is a significant challenge and a nightmare, especially for a marketer.

What is Email Open Rate?

As the name suggests, Email Open Rate is the amount of subscribers who open a certain email you send in comparison to the total number of subscribers on your mailing list.

Let’s pretend you have a mailing list of 100 people on it. Your email open rate will be 50% on average if you acquire 50 subscribers to open your emails.

There’s a simple formula to calculate this: (No. of subscribers opened the email / Total number of subscribers) * 100 Like in the example above, (50 subscribers ÷ 100 subscribers) × 100%

Your email open rate provides insight into the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. It’s also an excellent approach to see if your emails are attracting the attention of your readers.

How to improve the low cold email open rates?

5 Tips to Increase Your Cold Email Open Rates:

  1. Write An Eye-Catching Email Subject Line: The subject line is the first thing a reader sees before opening your email. Since it’s the first impression, you probably don’t want to squander it. Your email marketing success might be determined by the subject line you choose. The goal of the subject line is to arouse enough interest in your email that readers will open and read it. Subject lines like “Newsletter—May” or “Brand Updates” are unlikely to elicit a flurry of excitement from your readers.
  2. Segment Your Emails: Building an email list isn’t enough; you also need to segment it. When your emails are continuously personalised, particularly to their requirements, you boost the relevancy of your emails to your subscribers. Naturally, you’ll need the information from your subscribers to do so. Use behavioural data, such as browser history, to segment your email list in addition to demographic data like age, gender, geography, and so on. This may take some effort, but you’ll soon see your email open rates rise. If you haven’t built your email list until now, then check out Leadzen.ai.
  3. Don’t Forget To Proofread: Proofreading is undervalued. It’s critical to go over what you’ve written in an email once you’ve finished it. Check for mistakes, omissions, and anything else that needs to be improved. The majority of individuals are turned off by even the tiniest grammatical error. It’s not worth losing subscribers because you misplaced a punctuation mark or used ‘is’ instead of ‘has.’ So, take proofreading carefully and, where necessary, utilise grammar and spelling checkers like Grammarly.
  4. Maintain The Frequency Of Emails: You don’t want to send too many emails, but neither do you want to send too few. It’s possible that your subscribers will lose track of you. What is the best way to achieve balance? To begin, research what works in your field. Whether you’re sending two emails per week or four per month, be sure you’re sending them at regular intervals. Your open rates will steadily improve as a result of this strategy.
  5. Keep Your Emails Short: Maintain minimalism in your email. Nobody enjoys receiving a lengthy, boring email with pages upon paragraphs of text. Emails to your readers should be direct, brief, and well-paraphrased for simple reading. Your subscribers are unlikely to spend the entire day reading your emails. Other individuals also send them a lot of emails. So you want to send brief, easy-to-read emails to encourage your subscribers to read all the way through. Better Emails Lead to Better Open Rates: Open rates are critical for increasing subscriber engagement and optimising your email strategy to increase revenue. You’ll be better prepared for success if you follow these email marketing techniques for increasing open rates. While you may not notice immediate results after implementing these suggestions, stay the course and try different tactics.

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