Account Based Marketing

Your ABM strategy is to focus your marketing campaigns on reaching your key accounts or companies. We use the following 2-step approach to support your ABM Strategy – Audience building and Outreach.

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Audience Building

Our data profiling model leverages information about buyer intent, website profile, technographic data, firmographics, and other digital footprints to identify high-fit accounts
Analyse your customer and prospect data to validate you ideal customer profile (ICP)
Using deep segmentation and ICP, we hand pick your audience for ABM
Build look-alike audience, based on existing customer analysis

Nurture and Engage

Target your ABM audience with human led outreach
Run targeted outreach campaigns like content syndication, event registrations, BANT campaigns, etc. to generate MQLs & SQLs with higher conversion
Pay-for-performance model guarantees lead being valid, tele-verified, qualified, and in-market with intent

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