Future of B2B Content Syndication: to scale, influence, and reach with intent

April 11, 2022

What is Content Syndication? Or How to make use of the term in its all true sense to garner results?

As per the definition found on every other website or portal, “What you do in content syndication is recycle any web-based content by republishing it on a third-party website. When you syndicate a piece of content, you simply take the same piece of information from one site and republish it on others, but with permission.”

infoAnalytica’s long standing experience in the B2B industry, especially in the North American region, whilst working with marquee players like Amazon, Paypal, Yahoo, Upwork and many more, they choose to redefine what B2B Content Syndication is and what it was missing.

From hereon we would term it “Targeted Content Syndication.”

Targeted Content Syndication campaigns promoting your content help drive Quality MQLs, using your brand name.

infoAnalytica’s Targeted Content Syndication is unique compared to other media providers.

  • Account Definition – Combination of net-new accounts based on your criteria + your target audience (ABM)
  • Contact Identification – Decision maker with matching persona, and verified phone number for SDR outreach.
  • Intent – Identify intent by identifying signals from prospects directly, exclusively for your campaign.
  • Content delivery and consumption- Content sent directly to the prospect from your branded campaigns and your website landing pages/marketing automation tools

Key Differentiators:

  • Guaranteed criteria match for both company and contact
  • Intent identified and captured
  • Tele-verified contact phone number for decision maker
  • Opt-in captured, GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • Content delivered directly through your branding and your integrated campaign

Producing excellent and relevant content is not enough. If your content doesn’t reach wider audiences, it can’t have the desired effects that your strategy is looking to achieve.

Content syndication strategy has spillover effects in other marketing domains such as intent marketing, which leverage the reach generated by syndicated content.

Additionally, with exclusive tele-calling outreach campaigns for your business to verify leads, you are assured to leave a positive impact on your ROI.

Have thoughts? Not sure what your next step to boost your B2B journey will be? Consult our iA expert at inquiry@infoanalytica.com for clarity!

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