The special ingredient that was missing in your B2B Content Syndication Strategy

August 24, 2021

Content syndication plays a pivotal role in the B2B marketing arena.

Effective content syndication with the right platform helps you to nourish the reach to your content and website through a process similar to recycling of content. In an age when there is a surplus of platforms and content, it’s important to choose a popular platform that reaches your target audience, and utilise their intent to take an action in the positive direction. This need to reach the right audience is where infoAnalytica becomes noteworthy with our intent based content syndication process.

Intent data is the collected information about users’ observed behaviour on the internet, mainly their web content consumption. This data provides clear insights into their interests, which is indicative of their potential intent to take a specific action.

At infoAnalytica, B2B intent data is gathered from third-party intent providers, thereby cumulating the contact information of targeted prospects. The intent is further confirmed through tele-campaigns, and consent is obtained for enabling outreach. The obtained leads are further validated for relevance and additional lead intelligence is provided. Web form is hosted on your domain and email with content link is sent to prospects using your branding, and marketing automation unlike other publishers’ method of hosting them and sending emails through their own domain, which benefits them more than you.

Unlike traditional publishers’ conventional method of using blind and non-targeted data to generate prospects, infoAnalytica’s content syndication model uses intent data to identify in-market prospects who actively research the products you offer. Our live reps run tele-campaign to the intent prospects, gather intelligence and identify interests, whereas traditional content syndication models use an all automated process, which gives zero insights about lead quality and relevance control.

More importantly, what makes infoAnalytica’s content syndication model stand out from the traditional publishers’ model is that we provide your content exclusively along with your branding, in addition to the customization of email campaigns as per your plan, along with 100% lead quality accuracy. While the others club your content in email template with other competitors’ assets, restricting your control and growth, we, like the all providing sun,  nourish and grow your brand to its maximum potential and capacity, by giving you and your content the complete space and spotlight.

By reaching out to intent based in-market buyers through your own domain, with your own branding, we assure you a flawless content syndication experience that will ensure your content, and name reaches far and wide, but most importantly, reach the right group of audience, thereby giving you quality leads that can be converted further in the journey.
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