Tracking B2B Content Syndication Success

August 10, 2021

How to track success of your B2B Content Syndication Campaign?

Content syndication has long since been an elemental aspect of performance marketing. Over time, content syndication has evolved with regards to the content and the medium, diverging from the age-old newspaper medium. In the internet era, content syndication is the merging and publishing of your content on third-party websites to improve and enrich the reach to your content and website. In a process similar to recycling, content syndication upcycles your content to improve organic flow of visitors to your website as the presence of your content on third-party websites allots high value to your content. Once executed, it is necessary to analyse the effectiveness of content syndication campaigns for your company. There are many ways through which this success can be evaluated:

  • Return On Investment (ROI)The most important way to evaluate your content syndication campaign success is by tracking the ROI of the campaign. This is a subjective aspect for each company as metrics of success vary for each. For a lot of B2B companies, this success metric will be the generated revenue versus the cost per lead.In cases where revenue is not the main goal of the campaign, the metric of success will change again depending on the goal. For instance, in a campaign run to increase the downloads, the number of downloads will serve as the metric of success. So it’s key for companies to arrive at their own definition of success before starting the campaign.
  • Lead VolumeImproved lead generation is always one of the main aims of marketing campaigns. To track conversions from content that’s on third-party websites can be a tricky activity while also running the campaign. Therefore, it is essential to set up appropriate tracking methods to read and analyse conversions ahead of the campaign.
  • Lead QualityWhile improved lead generation is valuable, it’s crucial that these leads are of good quality and fit well with your company. A lead of an ideal quality should match your criteria of Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) and a successful content syndication campaign ensures this. One effective way to ensure the quality of the lead is by focusing on the outbound methods. Telemarketing and cold emailing lets you decide who you reach, and additionally, based on data and information, you can also pre qualify prospects. Constant monitoring and reviewing of the lead quality will provide you the leeway to change marketing tactics if you arrive at the conclusion that the leads reaching you are wrong fits for the company.
  • TrafficIncreased traffic to your website is a sign of effective content syndication. Even if the outbound method is limited to telemarketing, it can generate enough interest in the prospects to learn more about your company by accessing the website. Other tactics like guest posting, PPC, or social media promotion can also lead to steady flow of traffic to your website.
  • Brand LiftWays to track brand lift is different for different companies, there is no one right way to do it. An effective brand lift covers all the impactful metrics like brand awareness, interest, desire and favourability towards your brand and services. Increase in brand lift ideally leads to increase in other metrics as well.

Content syndication is effective on multiple levels. It is an efficient way to increase reach, awareness, content promotion at different stages of the funnel and lead generation. The single crucial point is in defining the appropriate goal for your campaign and once running, constantly analysing the results of the campaign.

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