Why Does B2B Purchasing Look More Like B2C Post Pandemic?

January 31, 2022

The biggest challenges for sales teams post-pandemic have not changed much – their ultimate objective remains the same, to communicate with prospects and close deals. What has really altered is how we intrigue our prospects in a digital-first environment.

For sales teams to triumph now, and moving forward, they require covid essentials to protect themselves from competition by connecting them with more qualified buyers, faster –

  1. Service providers / vendors
  2. Tools / technology
  3. A managed service provider that offers both the aforementioned essentials

This involves unifying data across to understand which accounts have the highest intent and removing the friction between identification and starting a conversation.

If you are an Enterprise, then this sounds like a job for a Sales and Marketing Intelligence Managed Service Provider that has proven experience with leaving a positive impact on ROI and increasing conversion rates.

While B2C prioritized a frictionless, customer-centric process, B2B was reliant on long-lead sales forms and impersonal email marketing campaigns.

Today, consumer behavior has deviated, and buyers are making more than 80% of their purchases online. Yet B2B businesses are still floundering to offer prodigious online experiences to these digital-first customers. When B2B buyers incorporate more digital solutions into the purchasing process, operational efficiencies are felt across the entire organization.

While there is a huge competition for your customer’s attention many B2B organizations need impeccable tools to accelerate. This is possible only if the marketing and sales organizations re-establish customers’ needs rather than their own.

In the past couple of years, marketers have gone from in-person conferences to online marketing outreach, webinars, paid advertising and more. Herewith, today’s B2B marketers need digital engagement tools that build relationships with groups of buyers and other decision makers. Marketers also need to invest in tactics to reach business prospects with meaningful, relevant content that drives interest and sales more briskly than traditional wining and dining.

Digital tool to support your organic growth

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is similar to how “word of mouth” works – you refer a vendor to a business that you have built reliable rapport with and they take your word for it to go with the recommended vendor or service provider.

Similarly, when we search for a particular query on a search engine, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. we are more likely to click on the first website that shows up that is NOT an Ad. The credibility here for the vendor is built by the search engine itself as it’s being recommended based on the most knowledgeable searches done by other buyers or consumers online.

Therefore, finding the right service provider to bolster your digital presence is key in today’s time to thrive and churn your competition by capitalizing on the shifting B2B buyers journey during pandemic.

Try it for yourself

Search for a keyword relevant to your needs. For instance, if you are looking for B2B Data Enrichment services, the keyword here is “B2B data enrichment” and that will show you a list of Ads, however, if you are looking for that service we would recommend you going for the one you on #1 or in top 3 of the search engine result page.

Take our word for it to give your search engine a chance to be the most reliable “word of mouth” source in this digital era to find the right vendor to boost your business. 

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