Acquire eCommerce merchants and retailers

Let your eCommerce business succeed in the data-driven world, use our real-time, validated, and customized eCommerce merchant data to identify technologies they currently use, web traffic, online revenue, business model, and much more.
Identify Preferred Payment Processors
Understand Customer Behavior
Track Preferred Shopping Cart
Know Prominent Web Technologies

Accurate Attributes

We are a data driven marketing and lead generation company providing ecommerce data and sales intelligence on millions of online retailers and ecommerce merchants.

Get valid and accurate attributes for millions of eCommerce companies and retailers:

  • Company full firmographic data
  • Payment provider used
  • Website traffic
  • Check-out flow
  • Shopping cart used
  • Social media score
  • eCommerce Solution provider
  • Product link
  • Total revenue & Online revenue
  • Average SKU count
  • Average SKU pricing

Custom data-points flagged

  • Services or Product company
  • B2B or B2C
  • Subscription model support
  • Reseller, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Brand Owners
  • Requires login
  • Physical stores or online only
  • Marketplace sellers
  • Website Quality score

Make Data Work for You!

Bring data together to build a richer profile of your prospects and clients. Evaluate the accuracy of your data objects with our eCommerce database of millions of records to identify duplicate, incorrect and invalid records and make near real-time changes with the highest data match-rate and penetration.
Data Enrichment

Customized data enrichment to help you build richer profiles and reach out to relevant prospects and clients along with building an audience pipeline based on your ICP.

Customer Success

Use our database with customized attributes to append additional data points for your existing customers, to provide signals for cross-sell, up-sell, churn and retain analysis.

Market Analysis

Get access to an updated and clean database with various new attributes, historical trends, and customized data points that map to your customer data for analysis.

Sales Intelligence

Get more intelligence on you leads based on multiple attributes like competitor market share, website technologies used, etc., and use our managed services to qualify sales opportunities before your sales run outreach.

Lead Generation

Find new customers and prospects across the globe

Advanced Filtering using 50+ attributes including Global eCommerce websites using:

Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and many more.

Amplify data accuracy with Tele-verification & Qualification

Save your time, efforts and cost by using our most reliable tele-verified lead data.
Enhanced customer response to business campaigns.
Quality Leads
Less spam & more prospective customers.
Data Hygiene
Data hygiene with our structured tele-verification process.

Access our real-time, validated marketing and sales data for the eCommerce market

eCommerce Data
Market and sell more effectively by deeply understanding your eCommerce customers or prospects.
Retailers Data
Whether you are looking to sell or market to brick-and-mortar or big box retailers, we provide a direct, personal connection to virtually anyone, from a junior executive all the way to C level information.
Our Restaurant Master List lets you see the complete range of restaurants in the area/s of your choice, so that you can make an informed decision when you target them for any of the marketing & sales campaigns.
Sellers/Marketplace Data
Get access to sellers and merchants selling on marketplaces or other online websites, with hype segmented attributes to identify which merchants fit your audience criteria.

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