Customer Description

The client is a multibillion dollar US based leading international supplier of transportation equipment and services to the railroad industry.

Customer’s Requirement & Objectives

  • To understand its competitive landscape and market positioning
  • Business Needs: Assessing the primary players in the American railroad industry

infoAnalytica’s Role

infoAnalytica analyzed each of the client’s competitors on the basis of the following key parameters:

  • Products and services
  • Packaging of products and services
  • Model of delivery
  • Operations by geographic segments
  • Market share
  • Pricing and contract structure
  • Key financial developments/potential sources of financial stress
  • Performed a comparative analysis of what the competitors are offering vis-à-vis the client to understand the competitiveness of the industry.

Value Proposition

  • The client acquired an insight into the industry’s competitiveness, and also how third parties perceived their products and offerings.
  • Helped in crafting future strategy


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