Customer Description

The client is a multi-billion dollar publicly traded US based company and recognized as America’s most-admired software company. It provides software solutions to small businesses for managing their finance and accounting.

Customer’s Requirement & Objectives

  • Addressing important issues of customers beyond what their existing product already offers
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Defining the value proposition for go-to market strategies
  • Introducing new business models and going global

infoAnalytica’s Role

Conducted market trend analysis for validating the inferences that the company had drawn to support or disprove its underlying inference.

The research included gathering comprehensive information from different sources and validating the pre-defined assumptions. The following trends were reviewed:

  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
  • Globalization Site
  • Growth of Ubiquitous (Anywhere/Anytime) & Mobile Computing
  • Changing Shopping and Buying Behaviors
  • Evolution of Alternate Monetization Systems (incl. “Free” software)
  • Social Networking and Online Communities
  • Data Sharing, Synchronizing, and Leveraging (“Data as an asset”)
  • Rich User Interfaces (UIs) (‘Design for Delight’ being important)
  • Online Banking, Online Payments

Competitive analysis that covered the competitor’s core business, products offerings, revenue analysis, delivery model, pricing and pricing strategies, marketing and packaging strategies, customer analysis, partner overview and other product related policies, etc.

Value Proposition

The client received a base for understanding its market and competitive environment for determining its strategic vision and for planning the launch of its integrated offering.

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