infoAnalytica Enhances Demand Generation Support through B2B Lead Qualification Services for its Customers

August 12, 2014

infoAnalytica, a leading market research specialist, helps its clients increase sales productivity and maximize marketing investments through innovative and reliable lead qualification services.

In the current business environment defined by stiff competition, maximizing ROI on marketing investments is a challenging task for marketers. By collaborating proven technologies, comprehensive services and industry expertise, infoAnalytica has developed lead qualification solutions through primary and secondary research methods that can help any business-to-business marketing organization turn marketing from a cost center to a revenue driver.

infoAnalytica processes data that qualifies prospective and high value deals against mutually decided parameters so that an infoAnalytica customer’s marketing efforts ensure the highest possible conversion rates, and help them sharpen focus on long term, best-fit deals.

Marketing and Sales departments at companies normally initially define what constitutes a qualified sales lead. infoAnalytica’s research specialists and the client, then agree upon a set of parameters for infoAnalytica to analyze an individual prospect’s information against relevant benchmarks. These parameters could range from simple ones, such as customer demographics, industry type or the nature of product or service line, to complex criteria in relation to product or service needs at the customer’s end, competitor installs, or other business and operational criteria to ascertain a good sales fit. infoAnalytica also performs in-depth analysis to unearth data against a host of other specifics such as revenue assessments by strategic business unit, company size assessments, technology installs and technology budgets (including user base analysis – e.g. Salesforce users, SAP users, Oracle users across a large number of technology areas), available infrastructure for implementing a proposed product or solution, organizational hierarchies, and several other criteria as needed.

Worldwide, marketers often find CRM and market data too scattered to be used effectively enough, and neither is this data ready for processing within different applications. Also, the data is dynamic in nature, and may not always be updated within a company’s systems. Technology integration alone does not solve the problem. Here is where infoAnalytica comes in and plays a crucial role. infoAnalytica can provide verified and valid CRM or app ready data, in appropriate data formats that can readily be used by existing applications, or even legacy systems. Once the information is already in the right formats at the client side, it can be used for meaningful reporting, and technology integration and cross channel applications can be developed to make the data truly valuable. CEO of infoAnalytica, Mr. Amit Gupta says, “Qualified leads always lead to better conversion to sale, with a better idea of the business potential, or likely deal values. Also, our lead qualification services help companies towards more informed communications with their customers, while offering more customized products or services which are better suited to their prospects and end-users. This leads to shorter sales cycles, higher revenue opportunities from each customer and a heightened probability of sales closing. ” He adds, “infoAnalytica, banks equally on the quality of the data, rather than just the quantity.”

infoAnalytica maintains a very high accuracy and reliability level, to ensure the highest possible conversion rates out of a customer’s direct or database marketing campaign, ensuring improvements to sales performance. infoAnalytica manages the prequalifying and pre-sales assessments with the required rigor so that Sales and Marketing departments can spend more time concentrating on re-marketing, retention of their valuable customers, adding new customers and the creation of new opportunities.

About infoAnalytica

infoAnalytica is a marketing consulting firm with a focus on providing B2B Demand Generation support along with marketing and sales intelligence. infoAnalytica with the help of its proprietary technology coupled with human intelligence gives you the relevant insights and sales intelligence that drives new customer acquisitions and revenue streams. infoAnalytica’s customer base includes the fastest-growing mid-sized companies and large enterprises like PayPal, TechTarget, QuinStreet, Yahoo, Jive, and more.

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