infoAnalytica’s new whitepaper explores KOL payments and screening process

May 8, 2017

infoAnalytica, a global provider of market research and demand generation services, today announced a new whitepaper that highlights the recent trends in KOL payments, screening efforts, and why an additional step of screening in the KOL program lifecycle has become increasingly important.

Over the past few years, considerable resources are being devoted to KOLs, with payments to these professionals taking place in an era of increased scrutiny, visibility, and social media presence.

Titled, “KOL Payments in the time of scrutiny”, this whitepaper offers an overview of how payments made to KOLs are considerably more than what physicians earn collectively. Although Life Sciences companies are now willing to invest resources in accurately identifying the right experts, segmenting them, and managing KOL relationships, they often forget how critical it is to devote resources only to those KOLs who have not run amiss of federal codes or state licensing board regulations.

The whitepaper is put together by Michael Broad, infoAnalytica’s Senior Advisor, and is largely based on the company’s screening experience, which verified that assuming industry experts and thought leaders are of highest moral standing can be misguided. That’s why a well-executed screening process is a must for companies offering KOL profiling services.

“We were astounded by the number of KOLs who were on the wrong side of federal codes or state medical board issues. We knew we had to do something to help our clients resolve this issue,” said Michael.

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