demandDrive & infoAnalytica Partnership

February 17, 2015

Demand generation & inside sales leader demandDrive announced that it has partnered with leading research firm infoAnalytica, creating a seamless integration of services to support a full breadth of demand generation solutions.

This partnership enables demandDrive to increase the value of our flagship lead generation service, dD Outbound, and it also allows us to roll out a premium demand generation solution that is powered by infoAnalytica’s capabilities.”

Zack McAuley, Director of Marketing at demandDrive, said of the announcement: “We could not be more excited to work with a high quality firm like infoAnalytica. Data and intelligence are very important pieces of the demand generation process, and infoAnalytica provides unparalleled deliverables in both areas.

The partnership between demandDrive and infoAnalytica will provide value on multiple fronts:

  • Increases resource support for dD Outbound, dD Inbound, and dD Accelerate solutions
  • Optimizes the customization levels of dD Data & dD Intelligence solutions
  • Improves scalability of Account Based Outbound programs
  • Supports the launch of a premium Outbound program
  • Strengthens the ability of demandDrive to provide full-service demand generation support.

“We are very happy about partnering with demandDrive to build the maximum possible value for customers. The kind of demand generation support, marketing insights and sales intelligence that infoAnalytica provides, are a reliable complement to demandDrive’s leading-edge demand generation service lines, and leads to improved inside sales success and higher returns from Account Based Outbound programs. The combined solution also serves as a one-stop-shop for end to end demand generation”, said Amit Gupta, CEO of infoAnalytica.

For more information about the demandDrive and infoAnalytica partnership, check out infoAnalytica’s offerings, as well as the dD Outbound Premium solution.

About infoAnalytica

infoAnalytica is a marketing consulting firm with a focus on providing B2B Demand Generation support along with marketing and sales intelligence. infoAnalytica with the help of its proprietary technology coupled with human intelligence gives you the relevant insights and sales intelligence that drives new customer acquisitions and revenue streams. infoAnalytica’s customer base includes the fastest-growing mid-sized companies and large enterprises like PayPal, TechTarget, QuinStreet, Yahoo, Jive, and more.


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