infoAnalytica and Lexity Uncover Highly Fragmented Market for Ecommerce Software Solutions

September 20, 2012

Newcomer Magento has overtaken veteran Yahoo! Small Business, the only two companies with over 10% market share Blog plugin WP e-Commerce is the fastest growing software solution.

The expansion of content sites into ecommerce propels Virtuemart, Ubercart, and WP e-Commerce into the top ten Lexity and infoAnalytica concluded the ecommerce solutions market is highly fragmented, with the vast majority holding less than 3% market share and only two companies capturing even 10%: Magento and Yahoo! Small Business.

“Our findings just go to show why what we do at Lexity is so important,” said Amit Kumar, CEO of Lexity. “Our app platform for ecommerce helps ecommerce developers write once, then distribute everywhere, reaching merchants on all storefronts in this highly fragmented market.”

Added Amit Gupta, CEO of infoAnalytica, “At infoAnalytica, we specialize in acquiring critical information and insights like these about a market to help inform businesses on how to stay ahead of the competition.”

At 10% market share, Yahoo! Small Business strives to maintain its fraction in the face of sophomore platform Magento, in the lead with 12%. Only 4 years after its launch in 2008, Magento’s ecommerce software platform has climbed to the top-overcoming old-guard players like Yahoo! Stores. Meanwhile, veteran shopping cart Yahoo! Small Business is running second to Magento in market share, but has more of the top stores in its stable.

WP e-Commerce claims the title for fasting growing online store platform with 63% growth in the last six months. High-traffic WordPress bloggers take their websites to the next level by adding this plugin, making this the fastest growing transactional platform on the web. As a result, WP e-Commerce is the fastest growing software solution among the big (and small) players in ecommerce hosting, as users can easily add shopping carts and more to their blogs with this popular plugin.

The expansion of content sites into ecommerce propels three companies into the top ten: Virtuemart, Ubercart, and WP e-Commerce. In particular, a new focus on enabling transactions on content-focused sites has opened opportunities for shopping carts like Virtuemart, a free and open source ecommerce solution for Joomla users, and Ãœbercart, an ecommerce platform focusing on the Drupal community.

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