IPTV Advancing Interactive IRE Systems in the North American Hospitality Industry

February 20, 2013

infoAnalytica Commissions Market Research on IPTV and its impact on Interactive In-room Entertainment (IRE) in the North American Hospitality Industry.

infoAnalytica, a specialist research and consulting company, has recently published an in-depth market study on the impact of IPTV on Interactive In-room Entertainment (IRE) Systems within hotels in North America.

Widely acknowledged as a potential in-room technology enabler for hotels in North American and worldwide, IPTV with its year-on-year growth is continuing to encourage hotels to allocate larger budgets to converged IP Networks. The many moving parts of a full IPTV/IRE architecture contribute to the complexity, however, the benefits are real and can certainly be perceived as a service differentiator to the guest base and have a significant positive impact on guest loyalty and potential increased revenue for hotels.

The report presents the latest IPTV trends in the Hotel Industry. It assesses the impact of the IPTV technology platforms on a hotel’s revenue and gauges its viability in the near future. The report showcases how hoteliers deploy IPTV systems on their properties and the services they offer via IPTV technology. Alternatively, the report also aims at understanding barriers that prevent hotels from deploying IPTV systems, despite its many benefits.

Key questions hotels and service providers have, including the impact of IPTV on hotel revenue, the barriers faced by hotels considering installing IPTV in their properties, proposed budget allocations for IPTV deployments, and how VOD, OTT, e-commerce and advertising via IPTV impact ROI are included. Findings have been validated with insights from a 3-month long survey and interviews with industry experts and senior hotel executives.

Technology descriptions and vendor profiles (Middleware and SIs, STB, VOD Server, DRM and Content Providers / Vendors for Hotels) are included in the report. More information on the report, along with a detailed outline and an excerpt is available here.

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