infoAnalytica Introduces Business Research and Market Research Solutions for Global Corporations and SMBs

May 3, 2010

infoAnalytica Consulting has announced the introduction of specific research solutions that fulfil specific commonly recurring research needs at organizations ranging from small and medium businesses as well as global Fortune corporations.

“These product bundles are variations of our existing service lines that we have perfected over time, that bring out analyses that is pertinent to almost every business. Most people would not want to enter a market without doing their homework, and our pre-start-up package, “Genesis” makes it easy for companies to pinpoint opportunities, key care abouts and pitfalls before entering their market of choice”, says Amit Gupta, CEO of infoAnalytica.

“The bundle approach also helps our customers throughout the research design and objectives phase early in the project, since expectations and deliverables are better aligned.” These packages consist of thorough Market Scanning to identify ‘white spaces’ in the domain a customer desires to venture. They comprise market sizing and segmentation studies; a market characteristics study that includes an analysis of key players, products and services, consumer behavior and demand analysis; market trends study; distribution mechanisms if applicable, and so forth.

iA presently offers the following research bundles fulfilling a range of objectives:

  • The overall size of the Hotel Industry in the U.S. and globally
  • Hotels providing HSIA services
  • Trends in the HSIA take rate and hotel occupancy rates, current and projected values
  • The current and future demand for bandwidth across hotels
  • Hotels providing HSIA services
  • Market drivers and barriers for HSIA services within hospitality
  • Actual costs and benefits of HSIA (and its impact, direct and indirect, on hotel revenue)
  • Impact on HSIA infrastructure of multiple guest connected devices, hotel and in-room entertainment systems
  • A 2-year forecast demonstrating the growth in demand for HSIA

infoAnalytica helps customers acquire critical market intelligence, valuable business insights, compelling content and cutting edge internet marketing to stay ahead of competitors. infoAnalytica has been operational since 2003, and has extensive expertise in outsourced Knowledge Processes spanning Business Research and Analysis, Financial Research and Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Social Media Solutions, Marketing and Technology Consulting. infoAnalytica has served over 250 global clients during this phase. These include Technology companies, Telecommunications firms, Publishers, Information and Media companies, Analyst Firms, Consulting Firms, Retail organizations, Healthcare providers and more. For more information visit

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infoAnalytica is a marketing consulting firm with a focus on providing B2B Demand Generation support along with marketing and sales intelligence. infoAnalytica with the help of its proprietary technology coupled with human intelligence gives you the relevant insights and sales intelligence that drives new customer acquisitions and revenue streams. infoAnalytica’s customer base includes the fastest-growing mid-sized companies and large enterprises like PayPal, TechTarget, QuinStreet, Yahoo, Jive, and more.

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