infoAnalytica Launches Social Media Listening and User Generated Content Research Service Lines to Augment its Social Media Consulting Practice

June 1, 2010

Consulting and Knowledge Services firm infoAnalytica has recently furthered its Social Media Solutions portfolio with a new service line offering high-end Social Media listening and User Generated Content Research services to its customers, with a focus on specific industry segments such as consumer electronics.

The services offer key performance indicators across a variety of parameters studying a brand, product or service. iAs key differentiator is the use of its specific research methodologies that help understand shortfalls and derive quick and reliable insights on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing a product, as well as competitor comparatives.

We are happy to announce that we are well equipped to address this critical need in the market. Our primary and secondary research expertise positions us very well in bringing up key insights through semantic analysis that are usually lost in volumes of unstructured data available across the internet. Our key differentiator here is our ability to derive insights into user generated content, and the impact it has on a customer’s business at a level of granularity that is not available through tools or automation.”, said Amit Gupta, CEO of infoAnalytica.

iA has been offering Social Media Solutions to customers fulfilling Marketing, Public Relations, Reputation Management and Research for more than 3 years by engaging a range of Web 2.0 platforms and publicly accessible internet locations. As per Freya Mishra, Head – Social Media Marketing and Research at iA – “Our focus on specific industry segments ensures that we develop the right objectives from the outset. For instance, resale value is a parameter that is a valuable driver for the automotive segment, but not as much for consumer electronics”. iA intends to expand its offering further into semantic analysis for Web 3.0 platforms.

infoAnalytica helps customers acquire critical market intelligence, valuable business insights, compelling content and cutting edge internet marketing to stay ahead of competitors. infoAnalytica has been operational since 2003, and has extensive expertise in outsourced Knowledge Processes spanning Business Research and Analysis, Financial Research and Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Social Media Solutions, Marketing and Technology Consulting. infoAnalytica has served over 250 global clients during this phase. These include Technology companies, Telecommunications firms, Publishers, Information and Media companies, Analyst Firms, Consulting Firms, Retail organizations, Healthcare providers and more. For more information visit

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infoAnalytica is a marketing consulting firm with a focus on providing B2B Demand Generation support along with marketing and sales intelligence. infoAnalytica with the help of its proprietary technology coupled with human intelligence gives you the relevant insights and sales intelligence that drives new customer acquisitions and revenue streams. infoAnalytica’s customer base includes the fastest-growing mid-sized companies and large enterprises like PayPal, TechTarget, QuinStreet, Yahoo, Jive, and more.

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